Tuesday, July 26, 2011


26 July 2011

Thanks for the candies, though I have too much. The raspberries went like hot cakes, but none of the other things are going. I'm glad to hear that Nik got his promotion, and I wish him luck. As for your questions, here are the answers: In my district there are 11 Elders and no Sisters (only 11 because one of our Elders needed to return home and take care of some issues), of those, 7 are going to Richmond, Virginia, and the rest are going to Lansing, Michigan. Up to four elders share a room that has two desks, two bunk beds, and two sets of closets/drawers; I share with my companion, Elder Van Dyke, and Elders Joyner and Eager, both of whom are going to Richmond. Temple days are on Preparation Days each week, and each district goes at a time specified in our weekly schedules - usually during the late morning.

On Sunday, we had an amazing fireside with President Allen, the current president over the missionary program. I loved that experience. Well, time is short, I'll write again next week.

Elder John Y. Roberts

P.S. My Excalibur pot was nice, but never my favorite so don't worry about it. Just try to keep Sid safe and out of trouble.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a note

21 July 2011

Sis. Roberts,

I'm a volunteer at the MTC, and I met your son today. His companion, Elder Christian Van Dyke, is my next door neighbor. We live in Cedar Hills and Christian attended Lone Peak HS. I thought you might enjoy a picture of the two of them together. I had a nice visit with them today and found out that your son knows my son as well. My son, Jordan, was on LP's drumline and then taught the drumline last year so they kind of worked together with the marching band.

Your son said that he slept ok last night and is doing great. His p-day will be on Tues so you can expect an email then.

Enjoy being a missionary mom! It's a wonderful experience!

Jolene Hope


21 July 2011

Dear Mom and Dad and Everyone Else Back Home,

At the request of the MTC Presidency, my first letter home is handwritten rather than email so you can know that I am safe and sound.

I love it here at the MTC. There's this spirit of camaraderie everywhere you turn. Everyone cares about everyone, and though the schedule is odd and different, it's easier with so many people all doing the same work. My companion, Elder Van Dyke, grew up in Cedar Hills and is also my district leader. It's interesting to know that the elder I get to serve with grew up so nearby.

Earlier today I was asked to act as senior companion in my companionship with Elder Van Dyke; however, as my DL he technically still outranks me. But ranks don't matter. It's the work that matters.

Sister Jones said that I could tell you that my missionary tag was put on with love. Thank you for the package, though I swear you're trying to make me fat. My preparation day is on Tuesday so that's when you can generally start expecting emails.

Tell Nik he had something right. The missionary approved backpack is a plain black Jansport. I've purchased it and a few other items already.

I love you all. Write again soon.

John Y. Roberts