Monday, November 28, 2011


28 November 2011

Dear Homefront,

Virginia Beach is on FIRE!!! The Virginia Beach zone (the one I'm in) had 11 baptisms this past month. This is a fertile land for the gospel.

Thanksgiving was good. President Perry gave permission for any missionaries that wanted to play in their wards' Turkey Bowls as long as it was flag or touch only, no tackle. So we went out in the morning and played some football. Salem (the ward we're in) had challenged the Kempsville ward (whose missionaries share our apartment) and we all went out and had some fun. Salem won. Then the Denhoff family (Bro. Denhoff is the second counselor in the bishopric) invited us over for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Other than that, Thanksgiving was deemed a Non-Proselyting day so we just rested at the apartment, played some chess and Monopoly DEAL and just had some fun.

The next two days were really ... I'm not sure how to describe it. We did a triple exchange. Elder Narramore and Elder Mecham (Spanish district leader) went out to Eastern Shore, Elder Farr went with Elder Walker (Elder Mecham's companion) and did Spanish work in Pembroke, and I stayed in Salem and had one of the Kempsville elders, Elder Rickson work with me on bikes. Needless to say, I was very sore by the end. But it went well and we had some great lessons.

Now I'm really looking forward to this week. For four days I get to go up to Richmond and receive leadership training from the Assistants and President Perry. It's going to be really good and I'll probably have a lot to write about next week.

Hope you're all well and safe. Love you all.

-Elder John Y. Roberts.

PS: I like high cam because you can see the forms but multi cam is cool too. All of my DVD's are downstairs (at least they should be) because I thought there were some that some of the family would still like to watch while I was gone but I wrote my name on them. And yes, I got the package. Dad does know that I do get fed and don't need half the kitchen right? I did like the apron though. Very amusing and fun.

Monday, November 21, 2011


21 November 2011

Dear Homefront,

This week has been a little on the slow side for me, but still very good. We're mostly just trying to turn the potential this area has into a teaching pool of investigators. It's hard work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Virginia is so beautiful this time of year. The trees have literally exploded with a rainbow of reds and golds and oranges. The days are crisp and clear with the cool of the changing seasons. The sea rocks gently when I catch a glimpse of it as we drive to our appointments, with majestic battleships and other naval vessels going to and fro from the numerous installations.

I love it here. I love this work. I love being able to watch as the sanctifying atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ takes hold in peoples' lives and causes mighty changes. I love being "about the work of Him that sent me." I can't do justice with words how I feel as I look about me and marvel at the many beauties of God's creations and at how His hand manifests itself all around me.

I'm grateful to those who never gave up on me, who believed in me enough to get me to where I am today. I'm grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who trusts me with this great task, this marvelous work. I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to serve my Lord and Master, my God and Creator. I love this work, and all that it entails.

I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful day of Thanksgiving. I love you all.

-Elder John Y. Roberts

Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear Homefront,

Happy Birthday Mother. And Happy Veterans Day Dad.

Well, the work here has slowed down considerably. We've baptized almost all of our investigators. I guess we'll just have to go out and find some more.

So, This past week has been very interesting ... I've had my first experience with a Baptist service. One of Elder Narramore's former investigators passed away and we recieved permission to attend the funeral, it was in a Baptist church and presided over by a Baptist Reverend. Their way of worship is ... I guess 'different' would be the best word I can use. Not necessarily in a bad way just different than what I'm used to. However the family was very kind to us and one of the missionaries that had been teaching this man at the time of his passing was asked to speak. The program also included a special thanks to "The Church of Latter Day Saints." They missed the 'Jesus Christ' part, but it was nice none-the-less.

Then later that night, two recent converts in the ward got married. They had begged and begged and permission had been granted for the missionaries who had been a part of their conversions to attend as long as they could make it back to their own areas that night. It was a nice ceremony on the beach with the Bishop presiding and then they had their reception in the gym of the meetinghouse. So that day was long and hectic.

So, I'm sorry that I really don't have much to write about. Not a whole lot happened this week other than those two happenings. I'm alive and well so I'm not going to complain. All of the weight I've gained has been in muscle and my clothes all fit fine, if not better as I've built up just a little around my chest and shoulders.

I recently found out that Elder Farr's mother makes "mission rings." They're plain band rings which are laser engraved with the name of the mission that either you (or our near and dear missionary) are serving in. She has a website with details at

Well, that's all for now. I love you all.
-Elder John Y. Roberts

Monday, November 7, 2011


07 November 2011

Dear Homefront,

So, I have some exciting news I'll start off with. I got to baptise someone! I was able to perform the baptism for Kris, our most recent convert, on Saturday. I was so excited when I was asked to do it. (I attached a picture, the other picture I attached is another of our recent converts, Nicole). Then, last night I got to attend the CES broadcast where President Packer spoke. He's looking quite healthy, and he was able to stand through his whole address. All of this has led to quite the spiritual high.

With the new transfer cycle, the other companionship that shares our apartment became a trio so there are now six of us living here. Our bedroom is quite literally a sea of beds, with five beds and a couch. I volunteered to take the couch. But there are two aisles, one from the door to our closet, and another from the door to the door of our bathroom. The apartment isn't all uncomfortable though. We got rid of our desks, and accepted an offer to take a dining room set of a large table and 7 chairs off of the hands of some members who were moving. So that has become our new meal and study area. Also we got some new couches from a member who needed to make room for their new couches, so our apartment is quite comfortable and cozy.

The work is slowly grinding to a stand-still right now. We have baptised almost all of our investigators, so now we need to go and find some new ones. It's amazing. I'm so happy to see all of these people come into the fold. I love working here in Virginia, this truly is where the Lord needed me and where I needed to be.

I love you all, and hope that you are all safe and well. Keep strong, stay busy, help the missionaries in your area in any way you can. Look for missionary opportunities.

With love,
Elder John Y. Roberts

PS: CD's I took: 4 Jon Schmidt, Phantom Regiment, Beethovens Moonlight, MoTab 'Called to Serve', Celtic Hymns, and my two bagpipe cds.
The only hoodies I had planned to keep were my grey dragon one, and my brown Shakespeare one. But thank you for the hoodie and the slippers.
We only buy what we need, don't buy junk, have members feed us every once in a while when we can, and live off of burritos, rice, ramen, and other cheap fast and easy (and we try to be healthy as well) dishes. Yet somehow, I've gained weight (I'm now at 170), I think it's muscle starting to build finally.

As for what you could include ... I'm really wanting a slightly larger musical selection, songs get old fast when you can't change it up. Anything by MoTab would be great, but if you can find it, I'd love either 'Spirit of America' or 'Showtime' by them. Also, any good instrumentals by Motzart, or Bach ... really any of the 'classical' composers. Umm ... Really anything would be nice - candy, small entertainment items, more mail supplies ... yeah, I guess just anything you want to send. If I can't use it, I'll either find someone who can or I'll send it back.

Love you.