Monday, November 28, 2011


28 November 2011

Dear Homefront,

Virginia Beach is on FIRE!!! The Virginia Beach zone (the one I'm in) had 11 baptisms this past month. This is a fertile land for the gospel.

Thanksgiving was good. President Perry gave permission for any missionaries that wanted to play in their wards' Turkey Bowls as long as it was flag or touch only, no tackle. So we went out in the morning and played some football. Salem (the ward we're in) had challenged the Kempsville ward (whose missionaries share our apartment) and we all went out and had some fun. Salem won. Then the Denhoff family (Bro. Denhoff is the second counselor in the bishopric) invited us over for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Other than that, Thanksgiving was deemed a Non-Proselyting day so we just rested at the apartment, played some chess and Monopoly DEAL and just had some fun.

The next two days were really ... I'm not sure how to describe it. We did a triple exchange. Elder Narramore and Elder Mecham (Spanish district leader) went out to Eastern Shore, Elder Farr went with Elder Walker (Elder Mecham's companion) and did Spanish work in Pembroke, and I stayed in Salem and had one of the Kempsville elders, Elder Rickson work with me on bikes. Needless to say, I was very sore by the end. But it went well and we had some great lessons.

Now I'm really looking forward to this week. For four days I get to go up to Richmond and receive leadership training from the Assistants and President Perry. It's going to be really good and I'll probably have a lot to write about next week.

Hope you're all well and safe. Love you all.

-Elder John Y. Roberts.

PS: I like high cam because you can see the forms but multi cam is cool too. All of my DVD's are downstairs (at least they should be) because I thought there were some that some of the family would still like to watch while I was gone but I wrote my name on them. And yes, I got the package. Dad does know that I do get fed and don't need half the kitchen right? I did like the apron though. Very amusing and fun.

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