Wednesday, July 25, 2012


23 July 2012

Dear Homefront,
Happy Pioneer Day!  And Happy Year Mark to me!  Can you believe it?  I've been gone a whole year.  How the time flies.  This time next year, I'll be on a plane headed for Salt Lake.  It's odd to think about.
I got the package just fine, though I don't know of any recipes that call for molasses so I'm not sure what I'll use that for ... I'll probably think of something.  Thank you for the candies and everything else.
This Saturday, the ward put on a Pioneer Day activity that went rather well.  A few members talked about their experiences with the youth on the Trek that they did a couple weeks ago, and they had a mini-trek with some fun activities at stations representing different places along the trail.  No non-members that we knew of, but still good.  We got special permission from President Perry to watch 17 Miracles with the Ft. Lee Branch.  I would highly recommend that movie.  It's about the Willie Handcart Company and each miracle contained is from actual journal excerpts of handcart pioneers.  It's very touching and a very good movie.
Just yesterday, we finally found some new investigators.  A small family out by the high school.  They expressed belief when we told of Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove.  They committed to read from and pray about the Book of Mormon and invited us back next week to share more of our message.  It's good to be teaching again.  Every time I teach, I find my own testimony growing.  Other than that, we didn't have too much else change this week.  But we're still working and trying to stay positive.
I hope that all is well for you.  I love you all.
See you in another year. ;)
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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