Tuesday, August 2, 2011


2 August 2011

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry to hear about Josh's backpack, makes me certain to keep a better watch on mine.

I'll be helping to host on Wednesday (I'll be working on traffic duty) so I'll hopefully get to see Mike. I'm glad his farewell went well, even if the address was wrong.

I told you the Kia's A/C was on the fritz, good to know they can fix it though. Also, I'm sorry to hear about the computer desk, even though we did need a new one.

As for the rest:

I leave the MTC at 4 AM on Wednesday, 8/10. My flight leaves SLC at 7:10 or so, and I'm on Delta. I have a layover for about an hour in Atlanta, GA, and then from there to Virginia. I don't have my papers right in front of me so I'm not sure what airport I'm flying in to. I'll be able to call home from the airport, and I'll probably do that when I'm in Atlanta, so it should probably be around 10 or 11 that morning if anyone wants to be home for a bit.

I have 10 other elders in my district (used to have 11 but one went home. There's Elders Van Dyke (my companion), Eager (roommate), Joyner (roommate), Burke, Orr, Miller, Peterson, Coon, Wood, and Hazeldein. Most of them are from Utah, but Wood is from Idaho, Coon is from Nevada, and Eager is from Arizona. Almost all of them are or were jocks, and they're all pretty good guys.

My classes are taught by Brother Strong and Brother Hanesworth, two recently returned missionaries (they've been home for about a year a piece). They are both really good teachers, and I'm learning a ton from them.

The schedule changes each day, but every day consists of 3 meals at 8, 12:45, and 5:45; 2 class times (roughly 3 hours); gym for 50 minutes; Teaching Resource Center (volunteers pose as investigators for us to teach) for 1 hour; lots of personal and district study time; zone teaching for an hour; and some personal time right before bed. Up at 6:30 and in bed at 10:30. The only real changes are Tuesdays and Sundays. Tuesdays are my P-Day when I can go to the temple, do laundry (which I've done twice), write letters, and the devotional in the evening. Sundays I have regular church style meetings and another devotion in the evening and sometimes a movie after that. I watched Legacy (about Wilford Woodruff) last week, and this past Sunday I watched the newer Joseph Smith movie.

That pretty much covers it, and I'm out of time.

Elder John Y. Roberts

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