Tuesday, August 9, 2011


9 August 2011

First of all, happy birthday to Sidney.

And now for the rest:

I did get the stamps, and I will take that minute to soak that in.

As for some of the questions in the letters you wrote:

Yes, it would be helpful to not have so many questions, that way I can just write and not have to worry about the clock ticking by.

About the bike, I have the 230ish in my bank account and I still have plenty of cash (over 200 I know). So I should be alright, especially if I can find a Walmart or somewhere like that where I can get a fairly good bike for fairly cheap.

I won't buy the CDs and other stuff, but if you'd be willing to send me the same CDs, I'd like that (MoTab: Requiem, Men of the ..., This is the Christ, etc; any other Jon Schmidt ... just about anything that is classical or church approved lyrical).

Thanks for the Call Card. As I said, I'll hopefully call you during my layover (so I'm not calling so early in the morning). Then I'll send the card back home. I know Atlanta is a large airport and I'll probably run short on time, but I think I can make it happen.

Yes, I would still like my watch, and their inventory is always changing. But if the certificate has an expiration date, or if the watch doesn't seem like it will come in soon, go ahead and get me something that I'd like and would also find useful (maybe the "Shower Shock" soap. Just kidding).

Yes, Garrett is still the same smart funny and nice kid he always was. I also ran into Daniel Rigby this past week, but I'm sad because I remembered that Mike Nelson doesn't report until tomorrow and I'll already be gone by then.

Also, I would recommend against using DearElder.com (Carrie may want to put this on the blog) since it would just go to the mission home, and I wouldn't get it until almost a month after the letter was sent. I'll let you know my new address as soon as I know it.

Can you believe that it's already been three weeks? Time seems to fly by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that I reported, and now I'm leaving the MTC for Virginia. I'm going to miss Elder Van Dyke and the rest of my district. Yesterday we also had our last classes with our two teachers, Brothers Strong and Hainsworth. I'm going to miss everyone I've come to know and love here, and now I get to look forward to those I get to meet in the field.

Onward, Christian soldiers ... Here we go. Love you all.

With love,
E. John Y. Roberts.

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