Monday, August 29, 2011


29 August 2011

Dear Homefront,

Here is my official declaration of personal safety and survival of both the earthquake and the hurricane - both of which were my first.

There was no damage to my appartment, my personal belongings or our mission vehicle. We were asked to stay in our apartments all day Saturday, and we didn't have anything but scriptures or napping to do. It was a long day. The only damage Elder Beardall and I had was that a limb of a tree broke off and fell against our front door. We were lucky - there was a family in the ward that had a tree fall into their house, breaking through the roof and an upstairs wall. There are many other service opportunities around.

As for the earthquake, it came while we were driving to an appointment. We were stopped at a light, and at first I thought it was just the car having trouble. Then I realized that we weren't the only thing shaking. It was actually kind of funny to us.

I also have some other good news, I am now in the process of buying a bike. I'm buying it through the mission from a missionary who recently went home. It is black and silver with a lock, fenders, new tires, air pump, forward and rear lights, helmet, leg band, and bike frame mounts for all of the above. Total cost: $150. It's a Treck Alpha 4 series 28 speed bike - usually valued around $400-600.

As for the goody box, I recently recieved one from my companion's mother (I'll be sending a nice thank you letter for that), but goody boxes and care packages are always welcome. My companion is a little health crazy so there's not too many good snack items around the apartment.

Other than all of that, the work is proceeding as normal. Service to our fellow man and inviting others to come unto Christ.

Elder Roberts

PS: Could you please send me that small yellow zippered tool kit I had? Just thinking about it, I've wished that I had it a couple times. I think I last saw it on the mantle.

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