Tuesday, September 6, 2011


06 September 2011

Dear Homefront,

Both today and next week I am and will be writing on Tuesday due to Labor Day (libraries were closed) and Mission Conference.

I got Dad's letter and the other packages safely, thank you, though Dad's spelling is still atrocious so I had to pull out the Urimum and Thumim to translate.

I'm sorry to hear about the rough patches that are hitting home ... I really hope everything works out alright. Though I'm glad to know my room is still the extra storage room ;). Please keep me updated.

I'm going to get my license today - finally got the letter of housing from Elder LeBaron, our fleet coordinator, and the letter from the DMV about what I needed to bring.

Last week I had a fun experience. We were in Richmond for a Zone P-day gathering, and myself, my companion and another companionship from our district got permission to visit the Musuem of the Confederacy. I confess that I did get a souvenir - a painting which I still have yet to decide whether to keep with me or to ship home. I also purchased some bike equipment (a bike tool and repair kit).

A couple days ago, I had a sleepless night and just about had a heart attack after reading a letter I got. Another one of my friends is engaged. This makes two weddings that I'm missing which saddens me even though I'm missing them for good reasons.

Not much is happening by way of work, but Elder Beardall keeps telling me that we're going to baptize this transfer (only 2 weeks left so we better hurry). We do feel really strong about this investigator we've been teaching. Josh, he's a senior in high school, has a member girlfriend, and is all around a great guy. He's been willing to come to church and live the life thus far, so he's basically a dry-mormon. I'll let you know how things are going when the work picks up a little more.

Love and prayers from the field,
Elder Roberts

P.S. I'd wait until after transfer calls to see whether or not to send the protien powder so I know whether or not I'll still be in the same place.

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