Monday, September 19, 2011


19 September 2011

Dear Homefront,

That is truly an amazing story, and one that the Lord had prepared to happen. And I have one of my own. We met an investigator who the Lord has truly prepared for the message. We got his information from our Bishop on Wednesday, and we were able to arrange a last minute meeting on Thursday evening. He welcomed us in and sat us down. Then he amazed us by pulling out a printed off copy of the first lesson as it is written in Preach My Gospel. He told us that he wanted to be baptized and that he wanted to go to the temple within a year, and that he wanted to start things off on his birthday. We were elated and asked "when is your birthday?" He replied, "the 20th of September." We were absolutly shocked and flabbergasted, but we pushed forward. We found that he has been attending on and off with a couple member friends for a couple years now and has already read the Book of Mormon through cover to cover. We've been able to meet with him every night since, and are ready to give him the final lesson tonight after dinner at the house of our bishopric's second counselor. Our Zone Leader performed his interview on Saturday, and stated of him that "he is a true disciple of Christ and is acting on the promptings of the spirit." He will enter the waters of baptism tomorrow evening, and be confirmed a member in sacrament meeting next Sunday. Since day one, Elder Beardall has told me that we would baptize this transfer. The transfer ends on Thursday.

And that's the amazing news. And now I have more news, news that I'm still not sure myself whether it's good or bad. Last night I recieved a call that I knew was coming. Elder Beardall has been asked to train another new missionary. So this means that I had a 99.999% chance of being transfered out of Mechanicsville, which saddens me greatly as I have seen great things come to this area in the short time I've served here, and have grown to love the members and the investigators we've been teaching. Last night, Elder Rickson - one of the Assistants to the President - confirmed that fact. I'm being transferred to the Virginia Beach Zone of the Mission where I will labor alongside Elders Narramore and Farr, the two zone leaders in that zone. I will be operating out of both the Salem Ward and the Tidewater YSA Branch (which means I get to have 6 hours of church each Sunday). I don't know yet what my new address will be, but I'll let you know in my next letter home. In regards to the letter you sent (and any other letters anyone may have sent), Elder Beardall has offered to forward any and all mail for me that he recieves after Thursday.

That's the news from the field. Hope all is well at home and that all are staying happy and safe.

With love,
Elder John Y. Roberts

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