Tuesday, October 25, 2011


25 October 2011

Dear Homefront,

I'm sorry this is a day late. The library's internet lost connection yesterday so we got permission to do our emailing today.

Yes, I have a GPS now. It's a Garmin Nuvi. It works really well, and came with an included lifetime of map updates. No, I still don't like, nor can I play, basketball even though I have played with my companions on many occasions. Scripture study is going well enough, as I have a full two hours of every day to devote to it. I'm working on getting into the habit of writing in the journal because the only time I get to do so is right before bed (or if I felt so inclined, I could use a portion of my morning study time (which I don't feel inclined to do)). I've gotten to the point where I'll write at minimum every couple days. So no, I don't yet need a new journal. I remember a few of my katas but I don't have any room to do them. We don't live in luxury condos, but rather fairly humble apartments.

Yes, we have two missionaries from Africa, a couple from Australia, a couple from South America, and I think at least one either New Zelander or possibly a Pacific Islander. I also found out that there are two other Elders in the mission from American Fork. Elder Winward, and I can't remember who else.

The next transfer date is on November 3rd. I don't know whether or not I'll move again. We never find out until the Sunday before transfers, and the transfer meeting is always on a Thursday. If I do move, I'll get you my new address as soon as I can.

This past week I got a letter from Riley. He's been reassigned to labor in San Jose, California, spanish speaking. He left on Tuesday. I got a letter from Mike as well, he seems to be working hard and having fun. The Frasers are all well. Mama Fraser got some R&R by taking her mother on a cruise and leaving the guys at home. Jason is busy with school and work. Jake is busy with school and marching band, and Papa Fraser seems to be doing alright. No letters from any members of the ward.

Caitlyn sent me a copy of her wedding invitations. She got sealed on Wednesday. Victoria wrote me quite a few weeks ago to tell me that she was engaged.

Unfortunately, we do not have any time at all today so I'll sign off for now.

Love you all,
Elder John Y. Roberts.

PS: About that ThinkGeek gift certificate ... I've been thinking, and I've thought of a use for it. My wallet seems to be starting to wear out (not bad, just a loose thread here and there (I just have bad luck with wallets)), and I was thinking maybe I should try the stainless steel wallet they have. And I was also thinking that when it starts getting chilly, I might want something that I can wear in the evenings or early morning before I get dressed to keep me a touch warmer than just my pj bottoms, and they also had a very nice (and geeky) Star Wars sith bathrobe. And then if those items don't use up the gift card I would say use your discretion on the use of the remaining balance.

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