Monday, October 31, 2011


Dear Homefront,


Sounds like the week has been quite eventful. Glad to know my bands did me proud, hope all were safe and had fun. I find it interesting that everything happens after I leave - appliances stop working, the grandchildren want to go to church, the house almost catches fire ... sounds like I should leave more often, then things would be more exciting. ;)

Things have been going well in VA Beach. Transfer calls came last night, and I'm staying here for at least six more weeks. I love working here, although our teaching pool of investigators is rapidly drying up. But in a good way, they're all becoming recent converts! We had another baptism this week (pictures will follow when I remember my camera), and we have another one set for this Saturday! It is amazing to see how the Lord works miracles to further his work on the earth.

I'm glad (and slightly afraid) to see you moving into the 21st century by getting a facebook account. And the Bretheren have actually been making a huge push for more social missionary work on the internet. is a great place to introduce the gospel. Also, there are some great facebook applications that can be used to show what you're doing and build interest in the gospel. We actually recieved a training on this recently (if I can, I'll obtain and send you a copy of the power-point the member of the ward used).

My bike is fairly safe at the moment. At the apartment I'm at now we keep our bikes in a storage shed that can be locked, and which is accessed by the small fenced-in patio in the back of our apartment.

Well, time runs short ... yet again. I love you all and hope you're all safe and well. I love this work, and I'll see you all in 21 months.

With love,
Elder Roberts

PS: Are they really that expensive? I don't remember them being that pricy. I guess just use your discretion over what to order. I'll continue to use the wallet I've got until it actually falls apart then I'll replace it with another cheap one (they had some for $5-8 at TJ Maxx). I don't really need any blankets. There are a couple spare quilts in the apartment that I'll be able to use. The idea of the robe was for the early morning and late evening when I'm not fully dressed but also don't want to wrap up in a blanket because I'm doing something like cooking or the like (also, it dosn't say "sith," it actually has a hood and the imperial emblem). Maybe I'll find a warm and fairly inexpensive robe at a store out here. I wouldn't mind one of my hoodies, though I'm not sure which of the ones I didn't send to DI would be more mission appropriate. And no, I haven't had slippers in a long time, but maybe I'll get some small and easy to pack ones, that's a good idea.

PPS: Be proud of my thriftiness. I found the deal of the century at Goodwill and didn't take it. It was a three-piece grey suit that fit me PERFECTLY, as if it had been tailored just for me in both length and width. Price of $30. But I didn't make the purchase because I figured I already had two suits (though neither are three piece) and that would be good enough for now.

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