Thursday, January 12, 2012


9 January 2012

Dear Homefront,

The falling trees would be clearing out some land for Ma and Pops (the two members that have us over on P-Days). We just go into the forest with chain-saws and cut down whatever is in our way. Most of the trees are saplings or small cedars so they just fall right beside us as we go through. Then whatever is big enough to be used for firewood is loaded into the back of the truck and what isn't is piled up to be burned at a later date.

This week, I got to go on exchanges with my District Leader, Elder Parry. That was an adventure, because as we were out tracting, we ran into ..... A cross dresser! I was mildly scarred, and afraid.

Well, not much else exciting happened this week. More tree cutting, more horse stall cleaning. Not enough teaching, but we're working on that.

Hope everybody's well and safe,
With love,
Elder John Y. Roberts

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