Tuesday, February 14, 2012


13 February 2012

Dear Homefront,

Happy Valentine's Day (tomorrow)! And while I'm at it (since I know that not all of my followers are happily in relationships) Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Hopewell has been good to us this week, well, mostly good. Winter is finally here. It's gotten rather cold lately and we've even had a couple flurries. But we'll survive (though I think I'll invest in a set of thermals and some earmuffs). Ft. Lee has also picked up some activity as well. Now that the holidays are over, there are more soldiers being sent out to train. Last Saturday was the largest group we've had at the activity since I've been here. We had plenty of snacks (as usual) and the Stocks (the senior "military relations" missionary couple) used the story of Johnny Lingo to illustrate how to get an "eight cow wife."

Elder Johnson and Elder Roweberry also had a very interesting time this week. They partook in a challenge at a local restaurant called the Courthouse Cafe. The challenge is 3 eggs, a side of home fries (potatoes), a 16oz steak, and 3 BA pancakes, and you have to eat it in under 30 minutes. I played it safe, and just got a regular meal. But it was funny. The cook came out and asked "Where are the hungry souls that are gonna try my challenge?" The next time he came back, he brought a "good friend," his 5-gallon bucket to "keep his floors clean." Then he brought the food (pictures to come). Each plate was the size of a pizza pan. They both failed and earned a place on the "wall of shame."

Other than that, the work is pretty much the same as always. A constant push to try to find new investigators. Currently we have three people we're teaching that have a baptismal date. Megan, Sarah, and Philip. I love working here and with these people. I feel better each and every day, knowing that even if I don't see the fruit of my labors, that I am helping people, just by being here.
I hope you all are well and safe. I love you all.
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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