Tuesday, March 6, 2012


5 March 2012

Dear Homefront,

This past week has been intense for us here in Hopewell. We had two separate trips to Richmond (only about 45 minutes a piece) on two separate days. One was so that I could get fully certified to drive mission vehicles. It wasn't too bad, I sat through some driving videos and took a quiz at the end. Most of the questions were common sense questions and they were all multiple choice. It was also a good experience for Elder Tolman (our new Car Czar) who was able to receive training from Elder LeBaron on how to administer the safety training to other missionaries. Yes, the LeBarons have now been released and the VRM got a new Car Czar and Housing Secretary--Elder and Sister Tolman. The LeBarons actually have some family in American Fork. I had a couple classes with one of their granddaughters. The other trip was because Elder Rowberry had an appointment to meet with President Perry.

This week was also hectic for the reasons that we were preparing Sarah and Phillip (two of our investigators) for not only baptism (which happened just yesterday) but also their marriage (which happened on Saturday). We're very proud of the two newest members of our Ward. (This computer is giving me grief so I won't be able to send the pictures this week, I'll get them out asap.)

Add to all of that the anticipation of transfer calls, it made for a long but very rewarding week. And the results are in. Elder Johnson and I are staying in Hopewell. Elder Rowberry is being sent to the Newport News 3rd Ward in Downtown Newport News. Elder Johnson and I may or may not be getting a third companion. We were supposed to until President Perry realized that the third person he was going to send us was actually trained in the mission by Elder Johnson. So now that's a little up in the air while we wait for President to get back to us.

I'm looking forward to another transfer here in Hopewell. I love the work, and I love the people.

I hope you are all staying safe and sane.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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