Monday, March 12, 2012


12 March 2012

Dear Homefront,

The wedding and baptism last week were both a huge success. Then the 'hecticness' of transfers hit. Elder Rowberry scrambled to get everything packed, then Tuesday morning we finally hear back from President Perry. According to the transfer call Sunday evening, we were supposed to get Elder Biscocho (spelling?), but then President remembered that he's not American so he would have a really hard time getting on base. So it was up in the air all of Monday and it was looking like it might just be myself and Elder Johnson, since the mission was running short. But things worked out and we got a third elder, Elder Eagar, who was in my MTC district. It's great to be working with him again.

So this week has been pretty slow, mostly letting Elder Rowberry say goodbye to people and then Thursday was spent mostly waiting for Elder Eagar to arrive on the transfer van. But we got some good work done, visited as many people as we could. And I got my first chance to actually proselyte on base. Since it's a government installation, we can't actively proselyte until someone approaches us with questions. Well, Private Hill, a soldier there brought a non-member "battle-buddy" yesterday, who ... you guessed it, had questions! This led to us finding a golden investigator who wants to attend church as often as her duty schedule will allow and she wishes she had more time to read the Book of Mormon.

All's well in Hopewell! Though, outside of those highlights, not much has happened. The ward is taking good care of us on the dinner side of things, Elder Johnson has gotten me on a more regular work our schedule, and the Lord has blessed us.

Hope all of you are staying safe and well.
with much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

PS: Okay ... I'm sorry, but this computer is not recognizing that my memory card is attached so it's not letting me upload my pictures. I promise to bring my camera cable next time so hopefully you'll get pictures next week. No later.

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