Monday, June 11, 2012


11 June 2012

Dear Homefront,
This week has been a little longer than most, with both ups and downs.  It's been difficult because we don't have too many people to teach, and of our three investigators one of them is in the Ft. Lee branch so we can only see them maybe twice a week.
But we've also seen miracles, and many of the Lord's tender mercies.  Elder Huntzinger and I have decided to try a new approach with the ward.  One of service and providing strength.  We've started to visit members as we're out and about, and offer to provide them service.  So far, we've painted a hallway, put in a toilet, tilled a garden, moved a family, and put together some furiture, and this week we're going to chop down a couple trees and help repair a work shed.  The hope is that as we serve, it will build the members' trust of us and their desire to also serve and help us in our missionary work.  We got the idea from Preach My Gospel under the section "Go About Doing Good".  We've also put up flyers in public places offering free service, no fruits from that yet, but we're hoping.
Another big highlight from this past week was actually a zone service project.  On Saturday our zone (20 or so missionaries) helped with the James River Clean-up which is a big anual project where citizens go and help to clear away trash and the like from the James.  There were some pretty interesting items found but the award for the most outlandish item went to our Hermanas (spanish speaking sister missionaries), because they found and rescued a kitten who was tangled in a bush.
Other than that, we're just doing our best to build up our teaching pool here.  I hope all is well on your side of things.  Thank you Dad for the care package.  Stay safe and well.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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