Wednesday, June 20, 2012


18 June 2012

Dear Homefront,
Happy Fathers-day to all Fathers, Grandfathers, Expecting Fathers, and Father Figures.
This week's highlights include some good acts of service which have left my companion and me very sore, but highly satisfied.
On Monday we started an exchange with our District Leader.  Elder Bradfield came to Hopewell with me and Elder Huntzinger went to Colonial Heights with his companion.  It was enjoyable even though it didn't feel like we got very much done.  Almost every appointment we had that day fell through, but we did our best to stay busy.
Then we were able to help the Maynes take a couple trees out of their back yard which was both an enjoyable act of service as well as a very good work-out.  Once we took down the two trees, we cut them up and split the wood so Brother Maynes could give it to some of the ward members that have fireplaces or wood-burning furnaces.  Splitting wood worked some muscles that I haven't used much lately so that was good to get down and dirty a little.
The next day was mostly taken up helping one of our members move.  Some of that was some heavy lifting, but we were just glad to help.  They're still going to be living in the ward, but they haven't been able to close on the other apartment yet so they're staying with family over in Petersburg for a couple weeks.
On Saturday we had the branch activity which is always good.  We had Hawaiian Haystacks.  The Castle family had us over for dinner.  Their kids are a hoot.
It was my week to go to church on post.  We had a wonderful service and during Sunday school, I was able to sit down with our two newest investigators and lead a very good discussion.  I always love it out there, the spirit is always just so strong.  Though we were sad to say goodbye to our Sunday school teacher.  He graduates this week, along with about four or so others.
Then this morning, our district got to go up and help out at the Bishop's Storehouse in Chester.  They got in a truck-load this morning so we were sorting out pallets and stacking boxes up on the shelves.  Another great work-out which has left me rather sore, but it's alright.  It'll make me stronger in the long run.  And the Storehouse manager was really happy.  With our help, they were able to finish in only about three and a half hours instead of it taking all day like it normally does.
Well, that's pretty much it on my side of things.  Hope you all are well, I love you all.
With love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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