Thursday, August 16, 2012


13 August 2012

Dear Homefront,
This week was very busy for us, very tiring too.  But lots of good work got done so we're happy.
Monday found us at a tri-zone P-Day just having some fun.  I ran into none other than one Sister Nash, Garrett's older sister.  She sends her well wishes and says she has good memories of you and the 3rd Ward.
The rest of the week was a blur of appointments and lessons and service.  We helped the Colonial Heights elders move one of their members and we did more painting for the Maynes family here in Hopewell.  It's entertaining:  since transfer calls come in this week, we have a fun wager between us to see who will leave Hopewell first, myself or them.  If I get transferred, they'll win, if not, I'll be around to see them go.
I honestly don't know what will happen with transfers this time around.  Normally we have some inkling but this time, nothing.  I'd be sad to see Hopewell go though.  The work has recently been speeding up as we've been working hard.  It's good to feel so busy again, and there are still more prospects on the horizon.  I love it here.
I love you all and miss you lots.  Stay safe and happy.
Elder John Y. Roberts
PS:  Got my eyes checked, they're actually a litte better than they were a year ago, not by much, but a little.  I just bought one box of contacts for each eye just in case I needed more cash later on.  Those charges will be showing up.  (Though I still think it's stupid that I should get charged $120 for just the eye exam alone ...)  Oh well, looking on the brighter side.
PPS:  I was playing around on and I found out that one of our lines goes back to Roman Emperors and Trojan Kings.  I didn't know that before.
PPPS:  I was checking out the meetinghouse locator on and out of a moment of curiosity I typed in our address and searched for all nearby chapels.  There's a ton.  But since the locator works through google maps, I also saw the house.  It's going to look weird without the spruce.
PPPPS:  Speaking of Dad working, when is he going to retire?  He's not getting any younger and I worry about him sometimes.  I know he's a tough old man but I still worry about him doing such heavy manual labor at his age.
PPPPPS:  Just in case you didn't get the message, I love and miss you.

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