Monday, November 19, 2012


19 November 2012

Dear Homefront,
NO MORE MARRIAGES UNTIL I'M HOME!!!  Seriously ... isn't missing four already enough?
On another note, transfers are now said and done here in the VRM.  My new companion out in the Land of the Gooches is Elder Andersen from Boise, ID.  He's been on his mission for a whopping twelve weeks so far, I'm his second companion and he was actually trained out in Burkeville where I was nearly a year ago.  The work in Goochland is going pretty slow, and I suspect that this week will be even slower with Thanksgiving, but there is the Turkey Bowl to look forward to (potentially two, one with the ward and one that's a tri-zone activity, just need to figure out scheduling).
Other than that, Thanksgiving is a non-proselyting day and we've been invited over by a couple members to join them for Thanksgiving dinner.
As a missionary, holidays  seem to take on a whole new meaning, especially for a history/mythology lover like me who tries to think about the orgin of the holidays.  With Thanksgiving approaching, my thoughts have been turned to the account given in the book of Luke, when the Savior heals the Ten Lepers.  Ten leprous men approached the Lord, expressing faith and desiring to be healed of their plague.  The Lord tenderly grants their request with the instruction that they go and show themselves unto the priest (which was the Mosaic law pertaining to the situation).  When they had commenced in their journey they witnessed that they were healed and they rejoiced, yet only one turned back and fell down before Jesus Christ and began to glorify God.  The Lord's solemn reproach that followed was one against the ingratitude shown by the nine.  "Were there not ten that were healed?  Where then are the nine?"  How often are we counted among the nine, who have had the grace of God shed upon us abundantly yet forget to give thanks where thanks is due?  That we might all take time on this wonderful holiday to give solemn and reverent thanks to our Lord and God, without whom there would be no reason to celebrate at all, is my humble prayer.
I am grateful for this opportunity which I have to serve the God who gave me life, and for the family which has helped me in many ways, the least of all is in the financial preparation for my mission.  I am grateful for friends and family; for good health and life; for love; and most especially for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which grants hope and salvation to all men who are willing to abide by it.
I love you all and pray for your safety.  Keep hope alive.
With love,
Elder John Y. Roberts

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