Wednesday, November 28, 2012


26 November 2012

Dear Homefront,
This week was very slow, not very much got done, but it was still a good week.
Thanksgiving was a non-proselyting day for us so we had some fun.  We spent the night at the Innsbrook apartment again (because we'd had a district meeting Wednesday morning, and to save on miles) and then in the morning we went to two different Turkey Bowls.  The Gayton Ward had theirs in a park near the church building so we started off there and played for a couple hours.  It was fun and a great opportunity to build fellowship with the Ward.  After that, though, there was a Tri-Zone Turkey Bowl going on for all the missionaries in the Richmond, Midlothian, and Chesterfield Zones so we went down there and played for a little longer.
After we were worn out on football, we went back up to Goochland and were invited over to join a family for their Thanksgiving meal.  It was a very nice, traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  After dinner, worn out and stuffed (many members won't let you refuse seconds (or thirds, or fourths, etc)), we stumbled back to our apartment and enjoyed a nice evening of relaxation.  My companion promptly fell asleep and I read.
That I would say was the true highlight of this week though, and it was a fun day of Thanksgiving.  Church was also very nice this week, with talks on Prayer, Scriptures, and the Holy Ghost that brought the Spirit greatly.
This upcoming week, Elder Andersen and I have actually been invited to attend Leadership Training Conference which President Perry and the Assistants put on.  Four days of sitting in a pew ... Thankfully the Spirit will be strong.  I actually am excited to go.  I've been once before (back when I was in VA Beach) and I'm sure I'll enjoy it this time as well.
I love you all.  Stay safe and keep hope burning bright.
With love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts
PS: you asked about Christmas; and to be honest I don't know.  Cash is always nice, it's small and useful and easy to carry around.  Other than that maybe music or more books (I don't really have any particular titles to look for).  Maybe a couple more shirts, a couple of my collars are starting to show signs of wear.

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  1. Elder Roberts,
    Do you think you will be staying put for Christmas. We have a package ready to send - is it safe to send it at your current address? NO PEEKING if it gets there early. :)
    The Fraser Clan