Monday, December 3, 2012


3 December 2012

Dear Homefront,
So, Leadership Conference was absolutely amazing.  I was privileged to spend four days receiving training directly from President and Sister Perry, the Assistants, and two or three Zone Leaders from around the mission (side note: Elder Andreason was one of the above mentioned Zone Leaders).  They trained on the Eight Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel which include things such as the roles of the Holy Ghost or Book of Mormon in conversion or on Revelation through Church Attendance or about Teaching People not Lessons to name a few.  The entire conference is focused on helping us become better missionaries and by extension better leaders.  There were about sixty missionaries from all over the mission and from all links of the authoritative chain.
I think the training I enjoyed the most was President Perry's training on the Doctrine of Christ, which comprises the whole basis for the missionary purpose of helping others come unto Christ by faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  I filled a good number of pages in my journal with insight and revelation that I received about the Gospel.  It was such an amazing experience.
Unfortunately, due to both myself and Elder Andersen being at leadership, no proselyting happened in Goochland which didn't help the situation there.  Oh well, that just means we get to work even harder.  Although it did turn out to be a bit of a blessing because we were very tight on miles so it saved us from going over because we didn't use our car for a week.
This Sunday we had Stake Conference.  There seemed to be an emphasis on missionary work with one of the speakers being a recently returned sister missionary who'd served in Mesa, Arizona.  President and Sister Perry were also invited by President Mullens (our Stake President) to speak.  President Perry spoke about the Priesthood which was given for two primary reasons.  First, it was given so that we could preach the gospel and second so that we could bless the families of the Earth.  The way we bless the family is by fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant by providing the duly sanctioned ordinances which are required for the salvation of mankind.  How great of a blessing and a responsibility is the Priesthood?
So, as a refresher (or an FYI) there will be a transfer on the 20th of December and I won't know what's happening with that transfer until the Sunday before.  So if anyone wants to mail something out for Christmas, it'll need to be before then, or wait until I know my new address (if I get transferred).
I love you all and I'm running out of time so I'll sign off now.
With love,
Elder John. Y. Roberts
PS:  The doctors couldn't tell anything from the CT scan so they've ruled out the scary stuff.  So now it's just the waiting game until it either goes away or they send me to a gastro-intestinal specialist.

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