Monday, January 7, 2013


7 January 2013

Dear Homefront,
Well, at least we're not the only ones on the 9 o'clock block for church.  The only problem I have with it is that we have a 30 minute drive to the chapel!  When you add on any meetings we go to (which happen before church) we're basically waking up, shaving (having showered the night before), throwing on our suits, and tying our ties on the way to the car.  Makes for a very fun Sunday morning, eh?  Oh well, I suppose somebody needs to take the early schedule.
This week, we did a lot of work, preparing for a Zone Blitz that we're going to be having out here in Goochland this Saturday, which means that we're hoping to have the entire zone out to help us find new investigators by sending them to former and potential investigators, as well as other finding methods such as tracting and "by the way"-ing.  We're really hopeful that this will yield some results because there is just too much ground for us to cover alone.
We also recently started back up a program that some other missionaries were doing before, which is a scripture study class which we hold every other week in the multi-purpose room at the library.  Unfortunately, only Brother Malsonado showed up for the first one, but we hope to have more start coming.  We've started printing out some flyers that we can hand out as we go around to see people, which should help.
Well, it would also seem that Dad isn't the only one with a habit of smashing appendages.  We were doing some more service for the Pinkstons, helping them some more with the house.  I was hanging some corner bead which is hung up with drywall nails and I managed to catch both my thumb and index finger on my left hand with the hammer.  Thankfully both were glancing blows because I wasn't hitting the nails too hard for fear of damaging the drywall but it still hurt quite a bit.
Well, I think that's really all the exciting parts of this week.  We have a zone preparation day planned for a little later today and we're going to get together and explore some of the sights in Downtown Richmond so hopefully that'll be fun.  I hope everyone's doing well and staying safe.
I love you all.
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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