Wednesday, February 27, 2013


25 February 2013

Dear Homefront,
Hope everyone's doing alright, we're doing fine, though a little chilled, here in Hopewell.
This week was kinda slow.  We actually had two separate trips up to Midlothian that we made this week.  One was on Wednesday.  Elder Starks had a dentist appointment. The other was on Friday, when Elder Starks had a meeting with President Perry.  I took that opportunity while we were in the office to take care of my application to USU.
I'm still readjusting to being back in Hopewell.  There have been many changes, but there are still many people and places I still remember so well.  It's amazing what can change in just a few short months.
As I noted earlier, it's still pretty chilly here so my plans of sending home my winter gear to lighten my pack will have to wait a little while longer.  Oh well.  Unfortunately, things have been pretty slow around here, both in Hopewell and on Ft. Lee.  Hopefully things will be picking up a little more around here soon.
Sorry that I don't have too much to write about today.  I'll try to do something exciting this week. ;)
With all my love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts
PS:  Yes, I know that the ROTC is a minimum 6 years of duty after graduation.  I've known that for a while.  I'll try to talk to Elder Stock about my options as well.  One of his last positions in the army was working with the ROTC at Ricks College so he knows more about it than I do.  I was thinking about things I could do to go the SMP route, if that turns out to be my best option.  I could either go for a semester taking generals and then take the spring and summer off to go through basic and AIT with the National Guard and then contract with the ROTC the next fall, or I could defer until next fall right off and go through that way.  If that's not my best route, then I'll take the Cadet route and I'll just have to find some small part time job to keep some money in my pocket while I'm going to school.  I'm already an old freshman so I don't think another season is going to make a terrible amount of difference to me.  About my options after school though, I've already figured out my two plans, which I'm going to leave in the hands of the Lord.  Plan A:  Graduate, find a teaching position and take my commission in the Army Reserves, serve 25-30 (or maybe more) years and retire but continue to teach history until my future spouse and I feel ready to serve a senior couples mission.  Plan B:  Graduate, can't find a teaching position, take my commission in the Active Duty Army and see where the Lord takes me, serve until I'm ready to retire and return to civilian life.
See, I do try to think things through before I make a blind leap ;)
PPS:  Loves

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