Thursday, March 7, 2013


4 March 2013

Good Morning to the Homefront,
Things in Virginia have been a little chilly lately, but that didn't stop us from having a very busy week.
This week, we had yet another 4-day Leadership Conference here in the VRM.  This means that everything got shaken up a bit throughout the mission.  The Swiftcreek/Belmont and Meadowbrook apartments were swarmed with extra missionaries who were being placed closer to the conference.  As neither myself nor Elder Starks were invited to attend this time, we were the fall back companions for Elder Andreasen who also was not attending the conference.  This means that we spent most of the week up in the Swiftcreek area because they are far more busy that we are here in Hopewell.
It was interesting working with Elder Andreasen.  He is an exclusive yellow in his personality which just makes things interesting and keeps us blue/whites on our toes as yellows are such adventure seekers.
We were also able to have a very good weekend by attending two separate baptismal services.  One for Brother --- who was taught by the Appomatox Elders over in Petersburg, and the other for young --- who is the yongest child in the --- family who I've worked with almost since the first day I arrived in this area last year.  They are such a wonderful family and --- is such a sweet spirit.  I can't describe the feeling I had when I was asked to confirm her.  There was just such a powerful spirit there that day.  It was also good to see Elder Huntzinger again, he was able to return because he was asked to perform the baptism.
All in all, it was just a very good and uplifting week.  Tiring, but good.  Also, thank you for the package.  Those books seem very interesting and right up my alley.  Thank you so much.
I love you all and hope that you are well.  Stay safe, and keep hope alive.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts
PS:  Yes, if you could talk to the NG recruiter at USU to figure out what my best options on MOS's (military jobs) are.  Be sure to mention to him that I would like to go airborne which will point in certain directions.  I've been speaking with some of the soldiers here in the branch that are in the Utah National Guard or reserves.  I'll keep seeing what I can find out on this end.  Also, Brother Wentz suggested the SMP because he went the cadet route and felt like he was playing catch up when he graduated.  We'll figure it out.
PPS:  If you're bored, try doing missionary work.  Get some pass-along cards and hand them out, make a profile, or check out  Also, Dad never did finish those windows upstairs to my knowledge.
PPPS:  love ya!

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