Wednesday, March 20, 2013


18 March 2013

Dear Homefront,
This week was a little bit crazy, a little slow, and very good.  Let me explain.
First the crazy.  Transfers happened this week, apparently the largest one since President Perry has been here, with over 35 incoming missionaries.  The truly crazy part is that we're starting to be able to see whether or not the 12-week in-field training program really works.  The concept is that at the end of the program, each missionary should be able to assume any leadership position in the mission, including that of a trainer.  We have many missionaries who have only just completed the program themselves who are being put in as trainers and district leaders (there's even one I know of who was made a zone leader).
Due to the huge influx, and preparing for the mission to split, there have been many changes going around.  The Swiftcreek area got split so now there are two sets of missionaries serving there.  This caused our district to be realigned.  The Appomattox A and B Elders were split off and formed their own district while our district now comprises of Hopewell (us), Swiftcreek A (the Zone Leaders), Swiftcreek B (the newly formed area), and the Stocks (Ft. Lee Senior missionaries).
The other insanity that happened with transfers is that the elder who President Perry felt inspired to send in to Hopewell is none other than Elder Huntzinger.  If you remember, I first began serving with Elder Huntzinger roughly one year ago (last April) and stayed with him until I left Hopewell for Goochland in September of last year.  Now we come together again nearly a year later for his last transfer.  Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Now, transfer week seems to carry with it a perpetual curse of being a really slow week so not a whole lot happened this week missionary-wise, unfortunately.  However, it was a good week.
We had Ward and Branch conferences this week (for Hopewell and Ft. Lee respectively).  The themes were of preparedness and of faith.  Preparedness of testimony so that we can be prepared for the second coming.  Preparedness of supplies so that we can be ready for times of difficulty.  And of putting our Faith in the Lord to help us be prepared and that all things will work to our favor and for our eternal good.
I love you all.  Keep faith and hope burning bright, and make the most out of every day we have.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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