Wednesday, April 10, 2013


8 April 2013

Dear Homefront,

Another General Conference has come and gone.  It's saddening to think that this was the last one I would experience in the mission field.  And yet that didn't stop me from filling numerous pages of my journal with revelation and notes.

I find a great love in my heart for General Conference, isn't it wonderful to think about that we have Prophets and Apostles on the earth today to lead us and reveal the words of the Lord.  I once again felt great joy at one of the Lord's promised blessings that the messages shared at conference will guide me and answer for anything that I am worried about or pondering on.

Unfortunately, except for conference, nothing really seemed to work out this week.  We had a whole lot of rushing about and not really getting anywhere.  I am grateful that when conference rolled around though, our schedule broke and we were able to experience a respite as we sat down at the feet of the Lord's servants.  As the hymn reads:  "Come listen to a prophet's voice, and hear the words of God."  I know that is truth.  I felt the spirit sear it into my heart, and I know that the Lord continues to speak, that we are still loved by Him, and never forgotten.

I love you all so very much.  Continually fan the flame of faith.

With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

PS:  The PT class was not listed for me to request it.  I plan on getting that on my schedule as soon as I can speak with my advisor.  Also, about the bike, I've come to realize that it is far too small for me.  I think that I will leave it in the mission to be sold to an incoming missionary and the money will be yours (for it was you who provided the funds to buy it) and if I am unable to get a vehicle, then I will figure out the buses or scrape together enough buy a bike that actually fits me.
Love you lots.

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