Thursday, May 2, 2013


29 April 2013

Dear Homefront,

Things have been going well here in the VRM.  Most of the week was spent getting Elder Huntzinger and Elder Starks packed up and ready to go.  Elder Huntzinger flew out on Tueday morning and Transfer meeting was Thursday.

My new companions are both pretty good guys.  Elder Joyner, from Logan UT, was in my MTC district, so he'll also be flying home with me.  Before his mission, he was a CNA at the same nursing home where Grammy stayed.  Elder Stagg, from Chandler AZ, has been out for 6 months and up until now, has spent his entire mission in Yorktown.  He's a bit of a philosopher and has a really powerful testimony.

So far so good in our new companionship.  We all seem to get along fairly well and have personalities that mesh.  Only time will tell how things will all work out.

Other than transfers, not very much excitement has happened this past week.  Hopefully things will really pick up this week.  We have some good prospects and once things get settled we should be up and running.

Love you lots,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

PS:  I'll be on the lookout for those packages.  I was kinda thinking about the question of what I'd like for my birthday--honestly I thought it might be better for money to be saved on presents and then when I get home perhaps get a smaller/cheaper tablet or netbook that I can use for school for notes and the like.
PPS:  Looking ahead to Mother's Day.  We have church from 9-12 and 130-430 our time so it'll probably be in the evening that I'll call.  Most likely between church and dinner or after dinner depending on how things work out.
PPPS:  Yes I got the email from Cindy.  Thank you for that.
PPPPS:  Love you!

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