Saturday, May 5, 2012


30 April 2012

Dear Homefront,

Another slow week here in Hopewell. We decided to try to go see some of the further reaches of our area, places we don't normally go because they're so far out of the way. That brought very little success, so it really seemed more like scenic drives. Some good came out of it though. We were able to finally get one of our priest-age boys out on exchanges with us. He didn't get to see too much action, but we thankfully were able to do a little bit of teaching and finding.

Thank you for the prompt reply in finding those books. They will be an excellent augmentation to my studies to give me some deeper understanding on key aspects of the Gospel. And thank you for the CD's. I like what I got so far.

I can hardly wait for this upcoming weekend. We have a very special guest coming to visit the mission. Elder Nelson of the Twelve is coming to present a special devotional for our entire mission. 200+ missionaries as well as all the senior couples will be gathered together to hear from an Apostle of the Lord. It's going to be amazing. Other than that, I'm working hard and keeping strong. I love you all and hope you are safe an well.

With much love,
Elder John Y. Roberts

PS: Way ahead of you on figuring out what's on the PT tests.

PPS: Time for some photos... a scenic outlook of the Appomatox River at dusk, my district just before transfers, and Noah and us on the day of his baptism.

PPPS: The questions I had referred mostly to the blessings and responsibilities of Ephraim.

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