Monday, May 7, 2012


7 May 2012

Dear Homefront,
This past week was one of the best weeks of my mission.  There has been miracle after miracle here for us.  I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but I'm going to do my best.
But first, some questions to answer.  I'll probably try to call around 4:30 (2:30 your time) because that seems like the optimum time for me to call.  But I still need to hash out some details with my Elder Eagar and Elder Huntzinger, so we'll see.  If I can't call then, I might call later in the evening around 8 o'clock (6 there).  As for the bike, I haven't had any real problems thankfully, though it's not the best quality of bike I ever could have.  I also haven't had to use it very often because so far I've been in areas that have a car, but we'll pull it out every once in a while, usually at least once a month on our car fast.  For the most part I like it and it was a pretty good deal.
Now for the Mission Conference.  This was the first time since President Perry has been the mission president that the entire mission gathered together in one place.  So that's 200+ missionaries, and add on top of that all of the senior couples and senior sisters serving in the mission, all gathered in one chapel.  The reason?  Elder Russell M. Nelson, accompanied by Elder J. Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Lansing of the Seventy came to visit our mission.  All of them spoke as did President and Sister Perry, Sister Lansing who was accompanying her husband, and the Stake President of the Richmond Stake.  It was absolutely amazing to be taught from on high through these inspired servants of the Lord who addressed us.  The Spirit was so strong there.  Elder Nelson did two things that will be with me always, first, prior to the start of the meeting, he made provision for everyone in attendence to be personally greeted by him and shake his hand, and second, as he drew his address to a close, he invoked his office in offering an Apostolic Blessing upon us as the missionaries of the Virginia Richmond Mission.  It was absolutely amazing.
Unfortunately I run short of time so I'll have to give word of the other miracles next week.  I love you all.  Please stay safe and happy.
With love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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