Monday, May 14, 2012


14 May 2012

My dear Homefront,
A very happy Mother's Day to all you matriarchs both in blood and in spirit.  An inspired quote reads as thus:  "Be nice to women.  They represent half the population, and are mothers to the other half."
This past week has been a busy one.  The work is starting to pick up again here in Hopewell and we've been very busy trying to find all of the potential we know the Lord has here in this portion of His vineyard.  I honestly think we only had one day this week where we didn't teach a lesson, and I know that we were planting seeds all day everyday.
I haven't run into any ticks or snakes yet.  Nor, thank heavens, bed bugs.  But they're definitely out there, nasty little critters.  Here's hoping I don't have any run ins with them, eh?
It's been pretty warm here this past week.  Virginia seems to like to skip around their seasons.  We seem to have already started summer, and the humidity's been up.  The mosquitos have been annoying.  There wasn't really enough of a frost last winter to kill them off so later in the summer is probably going to be miserable on that side.  I'll do my best to avoid being eaten.
So, humorous mishap yesterday.  Every Sunday, one of us will be picked up by the Stocks (our military relations senior couple) and taken to Ft. Lee while the other two will attend the Hopewell ward.  After the meeting block, Brother Morgan (Ft. Lee 1st counselor) and his wife will drop off the one at the Hopewell meetinghouse.  Well, this week was a little bit different.  President Brandeberry is out of town on business so Elder Stock needed another priesthood holder to go with him to offer the sacrament to the soldiers who were just arriving that day, so he asked me to accompany him.  He would then drop me off at the apartment where my companions should have been for lunch.  This would've worked out because Elder Bradfield had accidentally left his backpack at our apartment at the end of an exchange and was going to come down to get it.  Unfortunately there was a disconnect in communication so my companions ended up still waiting for me at the church like normal even though I would be nearly an hour later than normal ... oops.  But it worked out so everything's fine.
Well, those are the major updates here on the Eastern Front.  Hope all's well at home and everyone's staying safe.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts
PS:  Out of those names I know:  Elders Orr (MTC), Trotter (MTC but not my district), Coburn (current Zone Leader), Rogers (current AP), and Smith (formerly in my district).  I don't know who else has blogs.

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