Tuesday, February 5, 2013


4 February 2013

Dear homefront,
I saw Scott's pictures.  I was reading the Ensign on Saturday evening after we got back from a zone blitz in Tappahanock.  Oh boy, was that a nostalgic car ride!  We carpooled with the Mechanicsville Elders to save on miles and it was so weird to be driving through Mechanicsville again and recognizing places (that's where I was trained by Elder Beardall 18 months ago).
The main highlights of this week were the blitz and Zone Meeting.  Elders Case and Orr, the Zone Leaders, asked me to give a training on the topic of Return and Report.  I used the story of the Greek messenger after the battle of Marathon who ran all the way back to Athens to deliver the report of victory.  Most of the Zone seemed to think I did a good job.  I personally felt a little scatter-brained because I just couldn't get to sleep for whatever reason the night before.  Like we usually do, we stayed the night with the Zone Leaders and the Downtown Elders (Elders Burg and Newman).  It was fun catching up with them.
We also had transfer calls last night.  I'm leaving Goochland.  I'm going back to Hopewell and Ft. Lee!  I'll be serving with Elder Starks.  I've met him a couple times but I've never served near him.  It'll be interesting though, he's roughly half my height.  It reminds me of when Elder Buce (who's taller than I am) was serving with Elder Bradfield.  We'll see how it goes.
In case you can't find the Hopewell address, here it is again.
4550 Jefferson Pointe Way
Apt 8
Prince George VA, 23875
We had Fast Sunday this week. There were some testimonies, including that of our Stake Mission Leader.  He bore a powerful testimony of the Restoration.  It was beautiful.
Other than that, not a whole lot has happened.  Later today we're going to have a Zone Preparation Day activity at the church, just take it easy and play some games.  Then I've got to refigure out how to fit my entire life into three suitcases again.
Thank you for all that you do.  Stay happy and safe.
With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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