Thursday, June 6, 2013


3 June 2013

Dear Homefront,

Well, the transfer results are in.  I'll be staying in Hopewell (and in the Virginia Richmond Misson), with my current companions (Elders Joyner and Stagg) until the end of my days as a missionary.  This also means that I will be setting a new record for the mission.  I will have spent roughly 15 months here, nearly 3/4 of my entire mission!

This week was fairly hectic.  All culminating in the wonderful baptismal service we had on Saturday for ---.  I am so happy for her as she is now one of the newest members of the Lord's restored church.  The spirit was really strong during the service, and --- was just absolutly beaming.

This week also brought about a huge surprise for us.  On Sunday, I noticed the entire Stake Presidency seated on the stand when I entered the chapel just before Hopewell's sacrament meeting.  My mind swiftly flashed through all the possibilities and just before the meeting started I felt I knew what was going to happen.  Well, the Hopewell ward recieved a new Bishopric.  Bishop Vance was replaced by Bishop Bishop (no, that is not a typo, that is his actual name) with Bro. Murray and Bro. Erickson (the old ward mission leader) as his counselors.

And that wasn't the only major change that has happened either.  Elder and Sister Stock have finished their missions and Elder and Sister Hall have just arrived to fill their place as Military Relations Missionaries at Ft. Lee.

There is a lot happening all around us, even as we prepare for more change with the coming of two new mission presidents and the splitting of the mission.  Major changes as the Lord hastens His work.

I love you all.  Be safe, be happy.  And I'll see you all in 6 weeks.

With much love,
-Elder John Y. Roberts

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